1000 Record Covers par Michael Ochs

1000 Record Covers par Michael Ochs

Titre de livre: 1000 Record Covers

Auteur: Michael Ochs

ISBN: 3822885959

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Michael Ochs avec 1000 Record Covers

1000 of the best record covers of all time from the "Michael Ochs Archives," one of the world's largest private collections.

Michael Ochs developed an addiction to rock and roll in the early fifties. To feed his habit, Ochs headed the puplicity departments of Columbia, Shelter, and ABC Records in the 60s and 70s. He has also been a disc Jockey, taught a rock-history course for UCLA and written for such magazines as Rock, Melody Maker, Cashbox, and Crawdaddy. Michael Ochs established the Michael Ochs Archives in the mid-70s. The archives currently house millions of photographs and over 100,000 albums and singles.