Monet Water Lilies Lettertomorisot (Ultra) par Lin.

Monet Water Lilies Lettertomorisot (Ultra) par Lin.

Titre de livre: Monet Water Lilies Lettertomorisot (Ultra)

Auteur: Lin.

Broché: 144 pages

Date de sortie: April 4, 2016

ISBN: 1439722234

Éditeur: Paperblanks

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Lin. avec Monet Water Lilies Lettertomorisot (Ultra)

Fascinating handwriting Monet Water Lily, letters to faux leather Morisot - - Notebook Large Lined - Paper Blanks. From faux leather timeless beauty! These facsimiles of extracts from Originalmanuskripten, letters, scores and drawings give an idea in den create process on different historical figures. The overall impression is of the of a note book, that is many years already in use. - imitation leather. - 230 mm. 180 mm. Height - Width - 144 pages. - Thread stitcher. - Folding Envelope with refined magnetic catch. - Read Narrow Tape from Satin. - Practical Folding-inside pocket, to retain from notes, photos etc. So nice, it can not real be!