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   Welcome to Bagerhat Development Society
Bagerhat  Development  Society (BDS) is a non-profitable  charitable organisation and formed with an aim of develop
and welfare for the people of Bagerhat District. Bagerhat is about 15 miles south east of  Khulna  and 200 miles southwest of Dhaka.
We do not have any national leader for the last few  decades and therefore, nobody raise voice nationally for the  development of this part of the country. Although this part  is very important for the economic and environmental  development of our motherland. UNESCO declared world largest  mangrove forest
Sunderbans as a  World Heritage Site.  Mongla, the second sea port may  play a vital role for the economic growth of Bangladesh.
The historic city Bagerhat, listed  by Forbes  as one of the 15 lost cities of the world, has more than 50  Islamic monuments which have been found after removing the vegetation that had obscured them from view for many  centuries. The site has been recognized as a UNESCO World  Heritage Site in 1983 under criteria (iv),  "as an outstanding example of an architectural ensemble  which illustrates a significant stage in human  history",  BDS is a  pressure group, formed by the professionals and businessman  to pursue with the government and non-government  organisation for the development of Bagerhat and open to
join by any Bangladeshi national.
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